Database parallel panel in hostgator to sql manager 2011

HORRIBLE – Worse service i have ever received! I could write an essay about how shi**y service they provide and how they make their money. Not only we had few times somebody hacking onto our page but as well when we tried argue it they told us it is our fault, when we talked with representative and asked for manager we were told “she has no manager” but at the same time she put us on hold for 20 min and when she picked up phone again she was surprised we didn’t hang up and told us they will give us a favor and cancel it. Year later they charged us – as renewal, which we still try to fight since we canceled it once and started using different company. Generally – really bad experience. Mike

hey folks been asked to do a a small video on how to create user database in parallel panel
known as plesk and connect via sql manager 2011 .
hope it helps some of you out there

Rich Mci

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