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In this dbt tutorial, you’re going to learn about the core concepts of dbt and how it’s used.

You probably know that data is a huge part of how the world runs now, including how businesses report on metrics and how they operate.

One of the difficult parts of working with data is communicating enough context and information to everyone in the organization so they understand the data they’re looking at and whether it answers their questions.

That’s where dbt comes in. dbt is a data transformation and documentation tool that helps data analysts, data engineers, and business stakeholders collaborate on data.

This dbt tutorial will walk you through: a short history of ELT, what is dbt (data build tool), and dbt core concepts.

The core dbt concepts include:
– Expressing transforms with SQL select
– Automatically build the DAG with ref(s)
– Tests ensure model accuracy
– Documentation is accessible and easily updated
– Use macros to write reusable SQL

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