Democratic Establishment Still Cheating Progressives, Shielding Corporatists

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Numerous stories came out about how the national and state Democratic Party establishments are still actively resisting progressive reforms and candidates by brazenly cheating, stonewalling, and changing the rules to disadvantage them. In this segment we’ll discuss how they’re still stacking the deck.


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The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity.

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  • Maji Krstophir E'el
    Posted at 07:01h, 10 February

    The democrats are showing us their not with us we must take action if we dnt make noise they will do the Bernie all over again we must kick them out now before it's to late they all have become treasonous against we the people facts

  • mrx00666
    Posted at 07:05h, 10 February

    corporate democrats are just filthy Republicans…

  • TheArmchairrocker
    Posted at 07:06h, 10 February

    Democrats, prepare to lose again in 2018 and 2020.

  • stephencolbert5
    Posted at 08:18h, 10 February

    I think we need to assassinate Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Tom Perez, etc. That's the only way to possibly scare them out of committing election fraud.

  • kelly Goodman
    Posted at 09:08h, 10 February

    are these democrats trying to lose?

  • iglidor
    Posted at 10:42h, 10 February

    Of course you are allowed to remove your signature from petition. Honestly you are so biased against those you disagree with that you are now falling into the same trap as dems in general before. You are inventing slights and issues where none are which only weakens your point.

    If you later find out that you misunderstood point of that petition or if your stance change for whatever reason or if you simply do not like the way that maker of that petition is using it to reach some goals, you are of course allowed to remove your signature from it.

    Otherwise if it would be as you say, I could let you sign petition saying that children with some illness need more money from goverment to help them only later to use that petition to advocate for change in how hospitals are getting money in way that would benefit its management… and you would have no right to remove your signature and from that day on you would forever be listed as someone supporting pay rise for hospital owners no matter if you would agree with that or not.

  • VLER1980
    Posted at 10:56h, 10 February

    I told you. The entire unity commission was a distraction to slow walk any reform and run out the clock to the 2018 midterms which are now upon us. They succeeded because progressives were squeamish to start playing dirty with absolutely no mercy for establishment Democrats.

  • Critical Thinker
    Posted at 11:59h, 10 February

    This is the problem with a “two party” system, which is assured by the establishment media giving 99% of airtime to the establishment-controlled dems/reps, and possibly some marginalised ultra right-wing third party, as is being seen across Europe atm (to a limited extent) thanks to the corrupt establishment mainstream media trying to disenfranchise progressive/left wing parties

  • Lonnie Dobbins
    Posted at 12:07h, 10 February

    The lightbulb head bastard thinks we're going to vote for them.
    it's not going to happen.

  • Lady D
    Posted at 13:15h, 10 February

    Someone should probably help the DNC with the math here:
    A) Literally every single day the older generation of more conservative democratic voters shrinks, thats life.
    B) Literally every single day the younger generation of possible democratic voters grows/comes of age.
    C) As I recall, studies have shown this younger generation is far more progressive and politically minded than previous generations.
    Thus: B+C-A=D
    D) Dems shld probably get their shit together sooner than later if they wanna remain one of the major parties in the country.

  • Blaze It Ken
    Posted at 13:16h, 10 February

    Fuck the electoral college! The American electoral system is an empty shell of a democracy.

  • Richard Owen
    Posted at 13:24h, 10 February

    So right we have to keep trying. If we continue on this track we're fucked. It would be great if a third party could work but a bit doughtful but looking like the only option. First thing is get rid of the Clintons. Then find and elect people to get rid of the legal bribe system which there is absolutely no sign of either. So keep plugging away at the current corruption in both current parties and keep working towards a strong 3rd party.

    Posted at 13:57h, 10 February

    The donkey as the symbol for the Democratic Party should be replaced with a Trojan Horse!

  • Alaskavaper
    Posted at 14:31h, 10 February

    You are doing a great job digging into the corrupt underbelly of the Democratic Party machine. Keep up providing this excellent information that we all need to see.

  • Tim England
    Posted at 14:39h, 10 February

    I bet if Bernie formed or joined another (green) party these rules would change the same day he announced his intentions.

  • Starteller
    Posted at 14:40h, 10 February

    We don't need a third party, we need a second party.

  • Amos Soma
    Posted at 14:42h, 10 February

    When are the progressives going to get the message? The Democratic establishment is NOT cheating progressives, they're telling you they want nothing to do with you. They're telling you that it's time to start your own party and leave them alone.

    Posted at 15:25h, 10 February

    We keep talking like their are 2 different parties their is not they are corrupt money needs to get out of the game

  • MrWebster
    Posted at 15:57h, 10 February

    Very important point here. State parties are just as corrupt as the national DNC and DCCC.

  • Tim Bradley
    Posted at 16:00h, 10 February

    Let's be real:

    DNC = Donor's National Congress

  • Tim Bradley
    Posted at 16:01h, 10 February
  • Nelson Vazquez-Munoz
    Posted at 16:30h, 10 February

    I am with you.

  • Abel Amaya
    Posted at 16:52h, 10 February

    The dnc is kicking and sreaming but we will drag them out. The drum beats loud..# leak the memo

  • rahn45
    Posted at 17:04h, 10 February

    Who are the "Resistance" resisting again?

  • Planet Caravan
    Posted at 18:15h, 10 February

    Republicans & dems both tske the same thing from us; $ & rights.
    They just go about it differently

  • Teenkitsune
    Posted at 18:38h, 10 February

    Now I know Hillary Clinton wouldn't make a very good president, but I feel things would be far more stable than they are now if she was in office, having zero progress is better than regressing, it at least gives us breathing room, and we could at least still keep the pressure on democrats. That being said I can't say blame anybody who says there was no lesser of two evils during that infamous election.

  • Teenkitsune
    Posted at 18:42h, 10 February

    Oh FUCK Neo Liberals!

  • Kyle P
    Posted at 18:49h, 10 February

    Mike you rule! Please keep doing what you are doing. You and Kyle Kulinski are my two favorite New Media hosts

  • Teenkitsune
    Posted at 18:52h, 10 February

    Yup, establishment Republicans and Democrats are actually one in the same, the only difference is how they approach their crookery. Whereas those Republicans are upfront about how terrible they are Democrats try to pull the wool over everybody's eyes by pretending they're progressive.

  • ghenulo
    Posted at 19:55h, 10 February

    So, the people who told us not to talk bad about Hillary Clinton because it would be used by Republicans are now talking bad about a progressive because it will be used by Republicans? Yup, completely consistent and intellectually honest!

  • Calamity2007
    Posted at 20:39h, 10 February

    Fuck the Democrat party.

  • Lloyd Succes
    Posted at 21:00h, 10 February

    "Taking over the Democratic Party from within". Not happening..any time soon.

  • HammerheadGuitar
    Posted at 21:30h, 10 February

    They are trying to appeal to the imaginary moderate republicans that don't hate Democrats.

  • Robert Greenhouse
    Posted at 22:30h, 10 February

    Calling out the DNC on YouTube is like screaming at Trump in your bathroom! Preaching to the toilet paper! If the humanist report makes a sound in the woods with no one showing it in MSM does the humanist report really make a sound?

  • Joe Smerksky
    Posted at 23:56h, 10 February

    Its so funny to see Dems and Reps fight when they both are just Puppets of the establishment.

  • jmtnvalley
    Posted at 00:22h, 11 February

    The current Democratic Party is run by and for the consultants. They make the money. They make the decisions. Hey candidate, how well can you raise money? Now you have to use our consultants to run your campaign. No exceptions.

  • Anne Blubaugh
    Posted at 01:41h, 11 February

    Honey stop bothering with the dems… They have always railroaded progressives since Macgovern (why Nixon won) …. They will always railroad us! Stay green and use your platform on us! ❤️

  • John-Paul Hunt
    Posted at 03:16h, 11 February

    Watches them gamble themselves. I see nothing stopping them as I watch them leave to have fun as they hear nothing worth of value waiting and reading the paper.

  • Josh Dugger
    Posted at 07:27h, 11 February

    I like El-Sayid but I think Shri Thanedar has a better shot and he's as progressive as El-Sayid.

  • Kristen
    Posted at 08:31h, 11 February

    The Democratic Party doesn’t want progressive policies or members. They just want our votes. Maybe it’s time to blow them off completely.

  • Guacamole
    Posted at 12:11h, 11 February

    These 'progressive' candidates are all Russian agents. They report directly to Putin.

  • I'm Sparticus
    Posted at 16:09h, 11 February

    The the dems want to continue to lose elections, that is fine with me.

  • Jae Lynn
    Posted at 23:38h, 11 February

    This is such BS the DNC is doing! They cannot expect to win this way, by rigging and cheating, and WILL lose A LOT of voters who did vote for Hillary. They are shooting themselves in the dick! NO way am I ever voting for a Dems again, unless they are true Dems, aka Progressives/Berniecrats.

    I'm getting to be suspicious of Bernie b/c he COULD just run as an Independent and WIN, but chooses not to, so I hate to say this, but I fear he isn't playing on our team. Maybe his whole campaign was meant to find out other info about voters for future elections. Please be careful if you change party affiliation. I decided not to b/c I worry I will be shut out of primaries. My state has an open primary right now, but that doesn't mean they won't change it 8 weeks before voting, but not allow you to change your voter registration.

    I think the only answer is to vote Green, and HOPE they are truly Greens and just a subsidiary of the Dems.

  • Jorge Flores
    Posted at 00:51h, 12 February

    What took you so long. There are many of us that did not vote for Hilary Clinton nor will we support any of the Clintonites.
    If Bernie is up to let us complete the mission. Otherwise the Democrats will swallow up every progressive and spit them out whole.

  • ecwaufisxtreme
    Posted at 01:18h, 12 February

    This is a clear sign that the Drumpf WILL WIN in 2020 and the DEMS will GO EXTINCT!

  • scotcampbellart
    Posted at 03:57h, 12 February

    Amy Vilela, Tulsi Gabbard, Alexandria Ocasio,

  • Joe
    Posted at 06:01h, 12 February

    I just want to say I appreciate the sentiment and genuine emotion expressed in this segment. This is what happens when corporate greed trumps our common humanity!