Difference between the term payment gateway and ecommerce platform their related companies

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Difference between the term payment gateway and ecommerce platform their related companies
First of all i will try to answer in as simple words as i can . Sorry if i failed to do so . What is a Shopping Cart Soft.ware ? Typically a shopping cart is a piece of ecommerce software that will allow online shopping customers to view the items and place the orders . Examples of Shopping cart Amazon Flipkart eBay Aliexpress How to start a shopping cart website ? There are two methods in which a person can get his online shopping business up and running live . Develop a shopping cart from scratch in core programming languages choose a programming language that you prefer with your preferred database . Like for instance PHP/Mysql , Java/Mysql , Java/Oracle and many more combinations as you prefer . As you mentioned that you are a Java developer you can have a look at this link on how to develop a shopping cart using java 1 . Easy shopping cart program in java 2. Write a Java program to simulate an online shopping cart. The above said method is time co.nsuming . So , if you need to make your cart up and run quickly the seco.nd method is either get a opensource or a pai.d shopping cart software that is pre built . Some examples are opencart , magento , Oscommerce , zen commerce , shopify . These brand products are called as ecommerce platforms Once you are ready with you piece of software get a online web hosting account or VPN or dedicated server to host your software there and make the website live. If you want to know how to host a website you can get the support from your hosting provider . some examples of well known hosting providers are Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost . If you want to host at data centres directly you can opt from any top data centres like Softlayer , Amazon AWS Cloud , Rackspace , Ctrls . What is a Payment Gateway ? A Payment gateway is kind of software that will allow Merchants or the shop owners to accept payments from their customers using their Debit cards , Credit cards , Net banking and many more . Payment gateway takes care of the payment processing from different banks and will remit you the payment weekly or monthly based on their policy . There are wide range of Payment gateways that you can choose from . Some examples are ccavenue , ebs , paypal , payumon. ey , Paytm gateway. How to get a Payment gateway ? Choose your prefered payment gateway based on their pricing that satisfies you Each payment gateway has a strict formalities and their own documentation and fee structure to get registered and get their software. Payment gateway will charge you in phần trămage for each transaction so before choosing the payment gateway provider , go through their fee structures carefully. Once all the above done , you will be provided with the integration kit by that gateway provider . How to integrate a Payment gateway with the Shopping cart ? If you developed shopping cart from core use integration kit provided by the payment gateway along with the gateways documentation that will help you understand their kit . This takes some time to get done unless until that you are strong in programming If you get the pre developed shopping cart from any ecommerce platforms like opencart, magento , Oscommerce, Zen commerce, shopify .. etc then there are pre built Payment gateway integration plugins for each payment gateway that you can avail from either the gateway or from the shopping cart or you can just google and find the plugins easily. This is simple and will not co.nsume time . Hope now you got cleared , if you have any further query kindly ping back to me here .

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