Digital Sketchnoting: 2021 Update

larry , NC USA – Poor support – Permissions off after FTPing a file. Support insisted it was a scripting problem. Told me “We do not support scripts” and terminated the call. Copied a site that has been running on #Justhost for two years to a new domain. Cron did not work on new domain. Support dismissed me with “We do not support cron, consult your systems administrator”. You get what you pay for.

Learn how to make the most of the tablet-and-stylus tool combination for your visual note-taking!
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My name is Doug Neill and I’m passionate about helping others reach their full creative potential. I teach a skill called sketchnoting (also known as visual note-taking and graphic recording), which for me is a gateway to doing better work. Check out the resources below for more info.

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Getting Started with Sketchnoting (Free Download):
An Introduction To Visual Note-Taking:
Sketchnoting In The Classroom:
Digital Sketchnoting:
How To Make Sketchnote Videos:
Learn a New Language with Sketchnotes:
Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes:
Learn In Public:
The Verbal To Visual Community:

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