Divi 2 Website Builder For WordPress Theme Review

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In this video I review the Divi 2 Theme. I spent a couple of weeks working with the theme and looking at how easy it was to work with and who I think this theme can help the most.

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The Highlight features of this are:
– An excellent and easy to use page builder that will help you to make great sales pages
-Tons of modules that are included with the theme “right out of the box” that provide you with the tools you need to get your site running quickly
– Great control over banding and color of you site.

If you are starting an internet business, a startup, or have a company that offers one or two focused products or services I think that this is an excellent theme to help you get started quickly and easily.
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Real Website Hints

  • Real Website Hints
    Posted at 19:50h, 02 September

    Just finished a test drive with the Divi 2 theme by +elegent themes. Lots of control lots to like. Watch my full review. http://buff.ly/1plGZRt

  • Real Website Hints
    Posted at 19:50h, 10 September

    Divi 2 Theme reviewed. Is it right for you? Watch to find out. http://buff.ly/1oJcrsR

  • Jim Sickonic
    Posted at 15:52h, 16 September

    Thanks for the review.. I have been working with DIVI for the last 2 months and really like the ease of use.. Do you feel that having a video background slows down the mobile capability? 

  • craigos77
    Posted at 14:04h, 10 November

    check out http://www.divithemeexamples.com for a Divi only website showcase…plenty of very cool websites built using Divi, so take a look and get some inspiration for your next Divi project 🙂

  • txofitxof
    Posted at 11:40h, 26 November

    Hello, I would like change the height of slider. Could you help me please? I dont find the code
    Thank you

  • Joe Standley
    Posted at 04:58h, 28 December

    I changed my whole site to the divi theme and noticed that sometimes the widgets don't load for about 30 seconds. If I make the widgets non animated they are there right away. While the widgets are trying to load I see in the lower left corner of the screen that  it is trying to connect to widget24.com. Once it connects, the widgets work and so does my site. Typing that site in directly I have not been able to connect to it. Any ideas what it could be? I would hate to have all these nice widgets non animated.

  • lord max
    Posted at 00:13h, 11 January

    Hi, I have a simply question:
    This theme is responsive ?


  • Elmi Raubenheimer
    Posted at 16:09h, 30 January

    Thank you for this video! It had real value for me, more than most of the Divi overviews I've seen so far. I've been using Divi for a while but have spent a lot of time on figuring things out instead of building my site; you just shaved a lot of time off my efforts 🙂

  • Davor Bevandić
    Posted at 17:58h, 31 January


    I spend some time exploring Divi. Is it possible to include visitors comments using Divi instead original WP page builder?

  • Godless Glen
    Posted at 20:57h, 12 February

    Did it really take you a couple of weeks to make this site? This WP builder seems like it should take a lot less time than that to make an internet biz website. 

  • Allen Wrench
    Posted at 14:26h, 07 April

    Very nice review!   The main thing I wonder about this site is SEO

  • Real Website Hints
    Posted at 22:09h, 12 May

    Review of my favorite website theme! http://buff.ly/1QH3mS1

  • Nate Harjo
    Posted at 20:49h, 13 May

    I used the Divi theme before and had a real problem with the slider in that some images used in the slider would show up correctly (meaning across the whole slider), and then others would not.  I then went and made all the images for the slider the exact same pixel size, then uploaded and it still had image sizing issues.  What image size do you recommend to use in the slider?  I really like the Divi theme and do plan to use it, however the slider problem discouraged me from continuing on using the Divi theme (actually made me search the internet for other themes and their slider that worked).  Thanks for your help and recommendation!!

  • Atticus Alcide
    Posted at 16:37h, 10 July

    Hey Tim, I'd love to see you do rundown on the 2.4 update. There are so many new features it'd be cool to see how you use them. Thanks for great vids!

  • Z Dharamsey
    Posted at 03:45h, 05 August

    I have a very important question. The theme is great and I have used it to make a site. Looks good. Big problem is the font size. Real big problem. Do you know how to increase the font size? I sure hope you do. Thanks.

  • Terrence Blair
    Posted at 05:10h, 12 September

    Hi Tim, Nice review. Question:
    How would you compare Divi with Genesis theme, in terms of speed (which is good for SEO)? Which do you think is better for a copywriter?

  • StormOneUK
    Posted at 23:02h, 12 February

    You look like you're about to cry…? 🙁

    Very good review thank you !

  • John Bocata
    Posted at 08:45h, 28 May

    Hi, i want the following:
    1. make websites for clients
    2. Make a theme with one of the builders and then sell the themes.

    Which one would you recommend: themify builder, ultimatum, x theme or divi?

    Not sure if the last 2 can create themes to sell on other sites.

    thank you