Divi Chat Episode 61 – Setting Up Email for Your Web Clients

Customer-UK – horrible service – I hold an account with #Justhost and I wanted to renew my account. For the last 3 days I called them and emailed them with no luck. They transferred me to billings, renewals, technical team and back finding different excuses to delay the process and force me to pay an outrageous renewal invoice. Once they get you in the loop, they ask for some unconsiderable renewal prices and are terribly unhelpful on the phone. If you want to talk to a supervisor, they are not available. I have never experienced such a bad customer service. I would rather find a different domain and host provider than stay with them.

Setting up email accounts for your web clients can be one of the more confusing areas of web design. Should you use the hosting account or a separate cloud service? How do you know which service to choose? Today we’ll discuss how we set up email accounts for our clients and why.

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  • Gerald Hutchman
    Posted at 00:35h, 18 January

    Thanks guys. Appreciate the time you all take to do these Divi chats. They are very helpful. With thins one you confirmed that everything I am doing with regard to email is on the right track! Happy belated birthday David!

  • Anjelica Dixon
    Posted at 23:36h, 20 January

    I love You!