Do I Need Video Hosting or is Kartra Enough?

Lopez – bad, bad, bad – Stay away from #Justhost

Craig: Daniella says “So, I need a video hosting platform, like Wistia or Vimeo, or can I host videos inside of Kartra?” You can host videos inside of Kartra, that does count against your bandwidth capabilities. So, if you’re doing marketing videos where they’re typically fairly short, that may be a great place to do it. Just host it in Kartra, and then you get all the statistics that show how far somebody has watched it, and things like that. If you’re using Vimeo, or Wistia, or YouTube, then you’re able to use those videos. It does not count against your bandwidth, so whatever you’re paying for those other services, that’s all that you’re going to pay. So, you’re limiting your downside risk. That’s the way I would suggest you look at it.
Elliot: You might want to calculate out how much one costs versus the other. Vimeo Pro might cost you $50 a month if you’re really using that much bandwidth on Kartra, then yeah, it’s worth switching over to Vimeo Pro, because then you know you can go over that. But Kartra, it’s gonna be $0.19 per gigabyte you go over, which isn’t that much if you’re not having that much video content released.
Craig: I have Vimeo for $7 a month, so.
Elliot: Oh yeah, that’s not bad at all.
Craig: Right, exactly. So it’s almost not worth the calculation.
Elliot: Yeah.


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