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Eric Erickson – A Small Orange is sort of like my beagle – when it runs, it runs fast, but a whole LOT of the time it’s down for a nap. My beagle LOVES a good nap and my server just finished a just under 5 hour nap on today on Tuesday, 10/13/2015, on two of my ASO VPS servers – the second noteworthy “nap” in 4 days. Incidentally, the ticket I put in at 8:09 am on Saturday (server down) was responded to at 5:54 pm on Sunday. The server did actually come up around a half hour later, but the veracity of their support does bear a little scrutiny when it takes 34ish hours to respond to a “Server Down” ticket, yes? I have spoken to them on occasion and their support is generally pretty good – not that the answers you get on the phone translate well to getting your server fixed, but… Pricing is reasonable and their control panel is comfortable. Their speed is GREAT (again, provided the servers aren’t on “beagle time”). That all said TO their credit, if the servers aren’t running, it’s all a moot point. If they could resolve their uptime problems, I would be their biggest supporter. Unfortunately, with the service as it is, I will be moving my accounts elsewhere. My time is valuable and having to take calls and emails from customers complaining about site outages is neither good for business nor good for time management. Everybody’s time can be better spent working on creating new, great things as opposed to trying to straighten out things that SHOULD be taken care of without a second thought.

Learn how to register your website’s domain name, the name by which users will find it on the Web. (e.g.

This video demonstrates the process for registering a domain at web host A Small Orange, but the process is very similar with most other providers.

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