Domain Registration And Web Hosting With HostGator And How To Upload Website To The Internet

AWFUL – I just can’t believe how awful and challenging this company is to deal with. Please please don’t use them. Steve Soderquist, Mississippi,

I have partnered up with HostGator to bring you this video where I will be guiding you through the steps necessary to register a domain and hosting your website. We will go over a brief overview about the services that HostGator offers and then I will be showing you how to upload your website online to the internet by using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client called Filezilla. HostGator offers a powerful, reliable, yet very affordable service.

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Julio Codes

  • Love Coding
    Posted at 17:39h, 31 July

    I can get host and domain but I can't upload my website to google search engine. Because it wants sitemap. And I don't know how to create it. Please help me. Share a video about this topic. Please

  • nic0demus 1311
    Posted at 15:34h, 08 August

    HI Julio ;o) I just saw your mobile first tuts from February and jumped on here to say THANKS!!! as it's a newer video, those videos were just what I was looking for as I have a plan for my education, good to see you're carrying on the good work.
    Last night I got a MIME no-sniff error opening you tutorial in vscode so basically I started over and it worked fine, no idea, it was Firefox browser. I set up another GIT Repo and opened it used an alert to check the js was functioning and it was fine.
    Just wondered if you have ever had these MIME issues and did you have a work-around or know what caused it, maybe if so you could make a short video as there are not many out there and to be fair I think it's pretty random, for me, I HOPE, that it's just what order I create my files in the project so it's all there from the start, had the same issue before and my work around was that I opened a projectt which already functioned ok ie the JS script was read properly and then I copied it and changed the code to the new, not the most elegant but eh when you're learning that's a stellar result, any ideas for a more conscious solution, I have no idea what goes on to be honest, many thanks in advance! ;D