Domain Registration. How to register a domain & what is a web domain name anyway?

What does #Ipage really think??!!! – I renewed my service for another two years and it shows I only need to pay 33.98 dollars. I checked out with the exact amount 33.98 dollars. they emailed me with the bill with exactly same amount of 33.98 BUT when I checked my bank account they have been deducted another 155 dollars!!!!! I cannot believe this! I canceled the service and they refunded me back but isn’t this stealing??? Deo, California

Domain Registration. What is it all about? How do you register a domain and what is the difference between a domain and a website? What is the difference between web hosting and domain registration? If you have been wording about how to get started registering a domain name this video will help you understand that and provide you with my best tips for domain registration.

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The fist step in building your website is to get a web domain. Most web hosting companies offer domain registration as part of their services but is that the most cost effective way to register your domain? For this video I looked at several different domain registrars and I’ll help you answer the question of who is the best domain registrar? I’ll also show you how to register a domain. It’s quick and easy with most domain registrars. The key feature that I look for when registering a domain name is domain privacy. It might not seem like a big deal, but if you hate spam and junk mail you want to register your domain with domain privacy. I had to learn that the hard way!

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