Drew Pearson set to meet the Football Gods

They are awful, I had so many problems with #JUSTHOST My reseller account was down for one week. we lost many customers. Starting with yesterday afternoon our account was down at least 20 times (almost every single hour is going down for around 15 minutes). They are the worst and very unprofessional. One star in my review is too much!!!!

Mark Holmes

  • HE 2016
    Posted at 15:02h, 11 July

    Y'all need to put some RESPEK on Marks name. The attention to detail, the dedication the resource (TIME & MONEY) investment all for our communal benefit as fellow tribe members of this great family of Dallas Cowboys fandom. Mark salut for your sacrifice and willingness to share. Michael you and your pops are the GOAT

  • Juniper Jefferson
    Posted at 15:13h, 11 July



  • Nick Mosley
    Posted at 15:20h, 11 July

    Sign the box.

  • deonte burt
    Posted at 16:08h, 11 July

    I got one question.. Who dallas double teaming? Chase or montez? And we got a couple rookies that i think gonna be decent. If you could double both. What would you do about ionidas, payne, settle and allen in the interior? If you could double them.. What would you do about our big nickel cam curl? He is a heat seeking playmaker. Decisions decisions! Cause i think yall o line healthy cant deal with our d line rotation. We are able to rotate talent on the d line. Yall will only have the same o lineman all game. Its gonna be alot to protect dak! We coming!!

  • Juan Cruz
    Posted at 17:53h, 11 July

    You the man mark go cowboys

  • Mark Staton
    Posted at 18:43h, 11 July

    Have him sign the box

  • Richard Noggin
    Posted at 21:12h, 14 July