Durango WordPress: HostGator Hosting Review (Stay Away From EIG!)

AVOID THIS SITE – I signed up to have my domain and email addresses changed. I was told that it would take 24-48 hours for the transfer. 35 days later, it’s still not done, but they charged me immediately. When I called to ask why the transfer was never done, they had no answer. Gurinder Kaur, Australia, www.japstudios.com.au

STAY AWAY FROM HOSTGATOR! They used to be a good hosting company, now they flat-out suck. That’s what happens when EIG (Endurance International Group) buys up a hosting company (which is what happened to HostGator).

EIG will strip the company of the infrastructure and support and this is the result; Shit service. About half a year ago there was a huge mishap with HostGator reseller accounts. For about two days, most the resellers, and all the clients under them, were offline. This is when I migrated all my clients and most my projects away from HostGator and never went back.

What hosting solutions would I suggest? Either of these two, both work great:


Durango WordPress

  • Mike Holiday
    Posted at 21:19h, 29 March

    got that issue right cant log in cpanel grrr I'm going to media temple or something

  • Johnny Carlos
    Posted at 18:59h, 18 September

    You did a good job explaining the basic EIG process. Also, another thing they love to do is to outsource jobs to a Indian outsource tech firm(DIYA Systems) that is owned by the sister of the owner of EIG (Hari Ravichandran). As a previous HG employee, it was so difficult to watch EIG takeover, then lie saying they weren't going to change anything ("We like how you guys operate, that's why we purchased you" type of bullshit).

  • Jammyn
    Posted at 14:39h, 14 October

    Thanks for this video. After watching, I immediately signed up with A2 hosting. I host two small domains and HG was okay for my needs, however a recent CS experience led me to head for the exits and I wanted to avoid the EIG list of companies. Thanks for providing these alternatives.

    Good riddance, HG!

  • Platinum Research: Local Search
    Posted at 16:02h, 31 January

    It’s a good video and a very honest review. Your video provides a very truthful light in a lying marketing world that serves hosting lucrative niche – just search for on YouTube on how many people are giving positive reviews on EIG Group Companies and all their brands they own!!

    EIG prefers to acquire companies quitely so to pretend that they compete against each other whereas they use the same infrastructure and the same poor support.

    EIG is typical kind of corporation that is aimed at making money without taking much care of its clients. Like you said in your video, it will just strip it support and scale down infrastructure which will lead to downtime and poor quality support.

    I have last yer put across a whole list of Brands that are under EIG Group:


    Hope, this information will be a good addition to your viewers.

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