Blue Host Had my dog appreciation website for at least 4 years, and made a really serious mistake. They changed my account from an automatic renewal to manual and never sent me an E-mail. Then they canceled my account and deleted my website complete with the awards the website had received. And they didn’t keep a backup on file. I’ll choose someone else to host my site. This company is terrible.

Useful Links:

*Hostgator: https:////partners.hostgator.com/c/350921/177309/3094

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*BlueHost (alternative to hostgator): https://goo.gl/vJh5FC

*NameCheap (get your domain) : https://goo.gl/kTd5eY

*Wordpress Themes: https://goo.gl/MmT6i9

*Printful (Create your Store *FREE*) : https://goo.gl/T2X9R3

Elementor ( FREE landing page builder) : https://elementor.com

Mailchimp (email marketing) : https://mailchimp.com

*Affiliate links, but awesome products i use almost everyday!!!

In this course i will teach you exactly how i started making money online, I will teach you the skills that allowed me to now create my own Business, i use till this day to on my company to make money online.

You will learn how to create a wordpress website, starting from the basics, from what is a host and a domain, to create the website, after that i’m going to show you different ways you can use that new skill to actually start making money, not only for selling the website directly to the client, but how from a single domain, you can create multiple websites and multiple businesses.

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Carlos Arthur

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