Ep.260: GTA V online: Back to Cayo Perico Finalle HARD (PANTHER STATUE) (Playtrough / 2P / Elite)

Larry – Just host….Just move on. – The Just host server where our website was saved went down. The cpanel backups were also lost in the process and Just host basically says sorry. Never got a email mentioning the server issue and loss of content. No backs up available and no resolution with the company other than “make a new website and good luck with that”

Program where we start an acount from zero and we show step by step, how to rank up the fastest, easiest and more efficient way possible! LIVE CONTENT (game Playtrought)

See here the best and fastest way to do the Cayo Perico , in hard mode , again just because the Panther Statue. This is the most expensive of all loots and you can just host this once. After almost 5 mounths waiting, the panther statue is finally here , just this week, we think… See in the next episodes if you can steal one in each one of your chars or just once an acount.

So we interrupted the contact missions series, Again , with this new content from the latest update from rockstar. When we finish showing this new heist, in the best, fastest and safest way, we continue the contact missions series where we left off.

Really The End?

Enjoy and good games! — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/wediehardchannel

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