Faith & Crisis with Steve Greco, Deacon, OC Catholic Church – Founder, Spirit Filled Hearts

#asmallorange Kyle Addison – We were initially very happy with A Small Orange when we first opened our account with them nearly 4 years ago. During December of 2015, our sites went down for almost a week with no real explanation or apology from ASO. We lost alot of business and trust from our customers due to that event. Gradually over time, we noticed our sites going down very often, a few times a day at one stage, which then improved to once a week. Our sites still go down weekly. Yesterday our sites went down, as per usual, and when they came back up, I noticed all our sites were not loading correctly. I jumped onto a live chat with a technician, whom I spoke to for over an hour and a half eventually coming to a conclusion that I had run out of disk space on our VPS and that I need to purchase more. In order to do this I would need to open a support ticket, and the additional space would then be handled by senior technicians. This is a big concern for me as support tickets these days can sometimes take days to be responded to. Given the fact that our sites are not working correctly and emails are no longer functioning, a couple days is not an option. It’s really disappointing how shocking ASO have become over the past few months, and have turned from a great company to bad.

Steve Greco is a Deacon in the Catholic Church of Orange County. He also is founder of Spirit-Filled Life Ministries and host of a weekly radio show, Empowered by the Spirit heard on Relevant Radio. In this interview, Steve discusses what we can learn from times of crisis.

We live in unique times that require unique responses to crisis, both large and small. On Concordia University Irvine’s Faith & Crisis series, hear from civic, business, and ministry leaders from Orange County, and across the globe, on how their faith has influenced their response to crisis. Tune in as each guest shares what they have learned personally and professionally during the current global pandemic.

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