FREE Affiliate Marketing STEP By STEP Tutorial: (Lesson 2) – Choose Hosting: Free VS Paid

Can Not Recommend- If you design your own site and upload to #Ipage you will have issues. I use Mozilla Firefox as a browser and it’s not compatible with #Ipage. They insisted I change to Chrome. Basic links like mailto: will not work on #Ipage. When I informed them of this they said they couldn’t help because my site had been designed by a 3rd party. You can’t submit an issue by email and receive a confirmation number. And finally, because they also recommended I change my domain to #Ipage I can’t post it with another provider for two months. (An Internet rule that needs to be changed) I do not recommend this provider. Luis Emanuelli,

This is lesson 2 of the Free Affiliate Marketing Tutorial and in this lesson we will learn about hosting. Before making a website it is necessary to have hosting.

SiteRubix Hosting:

Ipage Hosting:

Before Choosing either free or paid hosting please watch the video properly. So that you can understand what type of benefit or obstacle you may face in the future with both type of hosting.

You’ll also know about free ad credit that you can get with both of these hostings.

Lesson 1:

Lesson 3:

I have shown you the proper way to get hosting in a step by step process. However, If you felt stuck in the process then immediately comment below or the support of those hosting providers and ask for help. They will guide you more properly.


You’ll be able to reach up to WordPress dashboard with the help of this video and in the next lesson, we will start to build our website to do affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

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