Free LetsEncrypt SSL for shared hosting WordPress | Works with Godaddy Namecheap BlueHost etc

Blue Host Had my dog appreciation website for at least 4 years, and made a really serious mistake. They changed my account from an automatic renewal to manual and never sent me an E-mail. Then they canceled my account and deleted my website complete with the awards the website had received. And they didn’t keep a backup on file. I’ll choose someone else to host my site. This company is terrible.

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You all know about the free SSL certificates issued by LetsEncrypt. LetsEncrypt is now trusted by all the modern web browsers. It is pretty much easy to setup LetEncrypt on any WordPress installation.
Yes! A lifetime free SSL certificate for you WordPress blog.

Go ahead watch the video and share me you experience and queries in the comments section. Don’t forget to renew your SSL certificate each 90 days using the same steps, or simply buy the Pro version of SSL Zen plugin.
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