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I am NOT HAPPY with their services – If its cheap , its all cheap – No quality – It has been a nightmare working with the #hostgator folks , their pricing was competitive , thinking this we invested to buy with them. Then we realised a lot of things are not provided in your package[your devs will go nuts] – they dont mention what they block and most of it is important for a lot of people . They also have the tendency of changing the packages whenever they feel like , I haven’t met one decent tech support person – we had to troubleshoot ourself . We are looking to move away from them and not to do any more business with them. Our opinion after workng with #hostgator is that if its cheap , means its all cheap. So we are moving to someone who cares and works with us, rather than drones. Riyas, Qatar,

Are you looking for Free and best web host companies? You can watch this video for the best WordPress hosting site.

Top 7 Best Free Web Hosting for WordPress 2017. You can understand different between bluehost and hostgator. Are you looking for the best web hosting for your WordPress website or blog? Well, look no further!

We took the time to sign up and test out these Top 7 Free web hosting companies, and here is the result.These hosting companies are some of the best on the web in every way possible, and no matter if you’re starting a website for your small business, startup, or idea, you will find the perfect one from this list!


Select the best hosting for WordPress for best service. This is the bet WordPress hosting 2017 And best cheap web hosting company.

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