Freelancer Q&A: Business Expenses vs. What You Charge

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In this Freelancer Q&A, I discuss the cost of creating client websites along with some of the expenses that are essentials for me, compared to how much you can charge clients for web design.

The reality is that website pricing is highly variable, and in order to find the right price for you that will bring you profit, you must test with new clients to see what works best for both you and them.

This video is part of a monthly member Q&A on my website where I answer your biggest freelancing questions holding you back. Learn more from the link below.

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Ray DelVecchio

  • Piyush Kumar
    Posted at 17:40h, 13 May

    Hey sir….. You are the guy who deserve atleast 100 k subs… I dont like your video… Instead i love your video… Because you upload content which is directly related to my wordpress business… Please dont loose motivation if you dont get subs or views… Keep uploading your video… Because traffic doesnt mean… But quality of traffic mean.. how you are changing our life is miserable.. and means lot to us… I saw ur r struggling for more than 3 years on youtube and didnt gaining subs… But please dont loose faith in your content… Because
    Content is the king…

  • Der Boy
    Posted at 20:50h, 14 May

    Man i just found your channel and i really love the content you offer the people. You should have more subs after posting so many helpful vids.

    im starting my own web design business and i already have 3 clients i just start to think what im going to use to design them. i think i will use wordpress elementor. you think thats save?