Future of Flutter, Advice for New Coders, Glide App, and more! | FLUTTER WITH HARIS

Bern – I had it – one of the worse hosting i encounter – I have been with them since 2011 and as the years goes by its getting from bad to worse. Live support just shut me off after hearing from me that one of the problem is solved. Regarding the other problem, its still unsolved and w/o letting me know the reason for a broken link, he just close the chat. I am not renewing with them any further, i guess time for me to move on. Problems after problems unsolved, for those not with them i suggest you read up more before you got into load of shitty situations. – reseller account with #Justhost

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0:00 Intro
0:43 How did you get into coding?
2:35 Coding bootcamp
7:38 Uni degree vs bootcamp
10:45 When did you start Youtube?
16:03 How to be an expert before others
20:20 Deadlines for creative work
28:35 First time you ever heard of Flutter
34:14 Startups using Flutter
36:28 React Native
39:58 PWA’s and Glide App
42:51 Flutter web
51:05 SEO with Flutter web
56:06 Object Oriented Programming
57:33 Haris’ 2021 plans
1:00:31 Self teaching and University degree

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Mitch Koko