GCC Cutting Plotters – Creating Personalized Stickers

Stay away – I was a customer for over 10 years but decided to move all of my websites (at a cost to me obviously), due to their complete incompetence and having to deal with the worst customer support staff. 10 years ago I was an advocate, but if you sign up with #hostgator or any of their associated businesses, you’re only going to make your life harder. Customer support take 7 days on average to respond, and when they do, they keep asking you one question at a time, even though you have given them everything they need to get the job done. So you send a request, 7 days later they come back with “what is your account id”. You respond immediately saying “it’s already provided in the original ticket, but never mind here it is again. 7 days later they come back with another basic question such as “what is your account password”. After two months of this, for a basic request, you contact live chat. They come back to you saying “Sir, you have to be patient and wait”. You’ll never get anything done! Mark

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