GCC i-Craft – Custom Card Creation

Horrible Company – We received an email stating that a payment of almost $600 was due with no invoice attached. Called in trying to get them to email an invoice so we have the details of the payment. We have 200+ vendors so details are important. After waiting for almost 20 mins for someone to pickup the phone I was essentially told that an invoice cannot be emailed or mailed and that we would have to login. I reiterated that we are trying to pay them and would simply like to know what it is that we are paying for. Again they want to send us an email, have us verify the account, login in, review the invoice and then pay. Let me help you guys out, the next time a customer calls you and wants to pay you, make it easy for them to do so. I don’t know how many scammers call a company and want to pay someone else’s bill. Suhas Divakar, Bangalore, India , www.robofissionlabs.in

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