Generate Phishing Domains Easily with Dnstwist [Tutorial]

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How to Find Domains for Phishing Attacks with Dnstwist
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Phishing attacks often rely on similar-sounding domains to trick a target into entering their password. With a tool called Dnstwist, a hacker can learn what domains are available to potentially stage a phishing attack. In this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’re covering Null Byte user Tokyoneon’s article on Dnstwist, which can be found here:

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    Nice video…. It's rare to see ethical hacking content presented in such decent way.

  • Time Busy
    Posted at 02:58h, 18 November

    As conclusion, hackers use this method to register similar domain name and wait for victim to typo and type their credentials on the fake website? This is the main purpose for hackers doing this isnt?

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  • Abdulrahman Faisal
    Posted at 11:13h, 18 November

    Okay this video is okay but the thing that I hate more in hacking that all the youtubers like you or other. I mean when they want to crack Wifi password I see all the videos but all did not work how I can hack a wpa handshake likes your it says for me fixed channel why!!

  • Samuel Paredes
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    DNS twist is completely written in Python?

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  • Blake Lombard
    Posted at 00:41h, 01 January

    I interpreted “generate phishing domains” incorrectly. I think a neat hacking tool would be gathering the html of a target website and reformatting the post request to send it to your server to steal login information. That would be neat if anyone knows something like that. Useful for kicking someone of wifi and rerouting them through you as a man in the middle phishing attack.

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