Generating and Installing SSL certificates in WHM (web host manager) – WHM 11 Video Tutorials

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Log in to Web Host Manager (WHM). In WHM main window, click on SSL/TLS link. There is a three step process for SSL certificate installation and proper working. You need to Generate a request, Purchase a SSL certificate and Install the certificate. Click on Generate a SSL certificate and Signing Request icon. In the table given on the next window, you need to enter information about the domain name, for which the certificate is for. You can enter the email address, where the information will be sent. Enter the domain name for which certificate has to be made, fill in country, state, city, company name, division, email ID and password. After filling the text boxes, click on ‘Create’ button. This steps leads to the generation of Certificate Signing Request(CSR) and key, which are encrypted. This information is also emailed to the email ID provided in the last page. The next step is to purchase the CSR generated. After purchasing the certificate, you must return to the window, to install it. Click on the link ‘Install a SSL certificate and Setup the Domain’ field. A screen will appear where you will install your newly purchased SSL certificate. The domain, user and IP address may get filled, if you will paste your certificate above, but if not filled, then enter domain certificate in the text boxes provided, along with user name, IP address. They key which was generated in CSR , should be pasted there. If required, ca bundle should be pasted there, but that is optional. Next, you can click on ‘Install’ button.