Get Higher Email Delivery Rates – Authenticate Mailchimp in Bluehost

#bluehost — Unscrupulous and Deceitful people. Tried to bill my credit card for a service I did not subscribe to, without my authorization, and without my knowledge. Threatened to interrupt my web-based business. Billing department is unfriendly. Intolerable behaviour from a service provider. Moving my domain today. Recommend that potential customers be highly suspicious of #bluehost.

Do you want better delivery rates for your Mailchimp email campaigns? Is your Mailchimp marketing landing in spam folders or the Gmail promotions tab? These instructions show how to authenticate the domain you use for sending from Mailchimp where your domain is hosted by Bluehost.

Authenticating your domain is one of the best things you can do to get better email marketing results. Mailchimp give you the CNAME record details that you need to add to your DNS host. Gary, a #Mailchimp certified partner, shows you where to get the domain details in Mailchimp. Gary then demonstrates how to create the necessary DNS CNAME records in #Bluehost. This is a once-off and doesn’t need to be repeated.

Once you have authenticated your domain then you’ll notice less emails going straight to spam folders (such as your campaign test emails) and you’ll notice better open and click rates for your email #marketing.

If you use SiteGround for your DNS then see Gary’s instructions at
If you use Cloudflare for your DNS then see Gary’s instructions at
If you use Godaddy for your DNS then see Gary’s instructions at

Gary Eckstein

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