Group mentoring on Twitch #4 (February 27th, 2021)

Aaron , Pittsburgh Pa – Worst – I can express what a disaster this company is. Just spent the whole day trying to get site back up. #Justhost customer service continually lied and told me it would be up in 5 hours. Already paying for malware removal and then they talked me into paying an extra $500. It only made things worse. Spoke with guy named Nicholas – rude, uncooperative, arrogant, and was unable to help. Told me to call back to talk to another company. This guy is a level 2 tech!! Earlier tech didn’t help either. No follow thru. Company is in cahoots with Sitelock, another deceptive thieving organization that does nothing to help situation. BEWARE!!!STAY FAR AWAY FROM BOTH ORGANIZATIONS!!

This video was uploaded directly from Twitch; the only edits were to trim the start and end. The focus of the session was to provide value in any way: career tips, coding help, etc.

If you’re interested in this kind of content, please consider joining the next live session on Saturday, March 13th:

Originally streamed on February 27th, 2021.


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