Hacienda Caribe, Isla Mujeres Mexico – Tour of the Upstairs Rooms (Stairs & Ocean Front) 2 of 3

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We are walking though the BRAND NEW 12 suite house on Isla Mujeres, Hacienda Caribe. These are the upstairs rooms = 1st a “Stairs” room & then an “Ocean Front” room. This house has 4 Ocean Fronts, 2 Stairs rooms and 6 Downstairs rooms to choose from.

Sister house to Casa Gamelos, this private beach escape is perfect for wedding groups of 24-40 people because if you combine it with Casa Gamelos, you end up with 18 bedrooms. Totally private, overlooking the cliffs of the Caribbean, swim up bar, 2 kitchens, each room has a king size bed and a full size futon. AMAZING! You could host your wedding on the cliffs and your reception poolside or just host your Rehearsal Dinner here and have your wedding in one of our private beach clubs overlooking sunset. Contact tiffany@sunhorseweddings.com to talk about booking your wedding group at this beautiful brand new home on Isla Mujeres Mexico

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