Hello World: Thursday June 3, 2021

David , Seattle, WA – Worst Customer Service in the World – I’ve had the worst experience with #Justhost after switching from Media Temple. #Justhost changed it’s name from clearhost, and then has a handful of other services they choose to run as separate companies when they are really just #Justhost, which makes it impossible to deal with support when there are 3 or 4 companies within the same entity you deal with. The hosting control panel is even a mess, with cross-linking and referrals to links through support that don’t exist in the control panel. I have been dealing with support for 5 months now, and instead of support they will just send you copied and pasted FAQs, when the problems are on their end obviously this doesn’t help much. My servers have also been down for days at a time, which makes me look terrific when I am transferring back and forth from Microsoft for work. #Justhost is one of the cheapest service providers, but they illegally charge you more for services that were supposed to be included with your purchase.

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XBox Celebrating Pride Month:

Bicepv0.4 Release:

00:04:37 Web Dev For Beginners:
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00:09:51 Azure Tips/Tricks:
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00:13:27 Mobile Apps and Accessibility:
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The Journey to Accessible Apps

The Journey to Accessible Apps: Screen Readers


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