Host a Killer Webinar: Simple Webinar Tips to Get Started

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Host a killer webinar: simple webinar tips to get started // Do you want to learn how to do your first webinar? Or maybe you’re experienced and looking at how to create the perfect webinar? I got you. In this video, I will share some of my best webinar tips and tricks. We will dive into how to set up a webinar, the best webinar software, and the best webinar tools for promotion.

There are thousands of tips for hosting your first webinar, but I have picked out my favorite and most successful webinar tips for you, so you can finally start creating webinars that convert. I know, hosting and creating a webinar for your business can be intimidating, but with these webinar strategies, you’ll be on the right track for setting up high-converting webinars.

Alright, let’s go.

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PS. If you want more on which slides to include and which steps to take to create better webinars, I have written a free guide: Webinar Outline. It will teach you how to

1️⃣ Host banging webinars that make your clients happy.
2️⃣ Walk away with a ton of sales from your webinar.
3️⃣ Create raving fans and reviews from your webinar.

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0:00 How to create better webinars
0:56 Get people’s trust with webinars
03:16 Host free or paid webinars
10:23 Choose a hosting platform
13:33 Use slides and video
15:02 Find a good length
15:36 Get people to attend
20:48 Remind people
21:44 Sell baby, sell
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  • FastForwardAmy
    Posted at 13:30h, 25 February

    Thanks for watching. Do you have other webinar tips to add? I would love to hear your insights.

  • Leena ter beek
    Posted at 07:41h, 02 March

    Thanks for the tips Amy🙏🏽🦋 Heel waardevol