Hostgator Additional Services: Are They Worth It? Hostgator Add Ons

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Hostgator Additional Services: Are They Worth It? Hostgator Add Ons
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In this Hostgator Web Hosting tutorial, we go over the Hostgator additional services also known as Hostgator add-on services. There are five Hostgator additional services that you can choose from.

The Hostgator additional services are:
Hostgator SSL Certificate
Hostgator Sitelock Essentials
Hostgator Professional Email
Hostgator Site Backup
Hostgator SEO Tools

The Hostgator SSL Certificate add-on isn’t really necessary. Hostgator comes with a free let’s encrypt SSL Certificate which will be fine for most. The Positive SSL Certificate comes with a $10,000 warranty by comodo and includes a site security badge you can place on your site.

The Hostgator Sitelock Essentials add-on can be beneficial as it will protect your site from hackers and malicious attacks. It can also remove malware. There are 2 free WordPress security plugins called Sucuri and All In One Security And Firewall. These do a good job with security for your site. The only downfall is malware removal isn’t included. You can pay to have it removed. For example, Sucuri has a paid yearly package you can pay that will cover this.

Hostgator Professional Email really isn’t necessary. Hostgator comes with free email accounts. If you want to use the Google workspace features along with your email then you can add this add-on.

Hostgator SiteBackup can be a really valuable and helpful add-on to get. It will back up your site daily and if something happens to your site you can easily restore it to a previous version before whatever took place with a click of a button with the one-click restore option. There are 2 free WordPress security plugins that will back up your site. The plugins are called UpdraftPlus and BackWPup. Something to note is these plugins do not have a one-click restore option so you’ll have to manually get your site back which can be a little techy. The Hostgator SiteBackup add-on can be very helpful.

Hostgator SEO Tools provides you with reports, insights, analytics, and recommendations to make on your site for SEO. This will cover the basics when it comes to SEO. Hostgator SEO Tools also submits your site to search engines. You can submit your site to search engines for free. I recommend you create a Google Analytics account, Google Search Console account, and the SEO plugin Yoast SEO or RankMath. These can be very helpful with SEO.

Hostgator Additional Services: Are They Worth It? Hostgator Web Hosting
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