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Tyranny, Scams, Selling emails and home addresses to scammers, early charges, early deletion – #hostgator is nothing but a scamming, thieving, useless company that needs to die, and hopefully that will happen soon. They chatge every three weeks for a monthly account. they sold email addresses, phone number and home address to scammers who call fifteen times a day using spoofed numbers who were tracked and turned over the #hostgator employess in exchange for lenient punishments. They then canceled my account after charging for an entire year after three weeks and are now under Paypal’s black watch for fraud after they accessed my Paypal accound and charged a $1 fee 1250 times in one hour. You are warned, do not trust #hostgator or they will eventually steal your identity and credit card info. This has happened seven times in the past four years, where they sell your credit card numbers and claim it was a hacker. Don’t believe it, the CEO of #hostgator is under felony investigation after each instance of “accidental” credit card fraud! Gagan,

The Coupon Site:

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