HostGator Customer Service 2nd Call

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE – Honestly they are terrible. STAY AWAY. Spent hours on the phone with just one simple question.. Where is my multi domain SSL that i paid $80 for.. No response kept getting shoved off to the next person. Wasn’t allowed to speak with supervisor. I said I will hold as long as i needed to speak with someone. Told me it would be today. Seriously STAY AWAY. Not happy with this company.

On December 10 I attempted to cancel accounts with HostGator. This is the 2nd conversation (12/13/2019)-where I will learn the accounts still haven’t been cancelled. I couldn’t cancel on the site so I called 12/10 to cancel bill due 12/21st or so. By now I’m really frustrated realizing they are not canceling the accounts and an effort is been made to keep unearned funds. I’ve been as specific as I know how to be. This call is longer- I have the full conversation but this is how it ended. A promise to cancel. See HostGator Playlist here for all three conversations.

Felecia Klockow

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