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Nightmare!!! – David E in sales, Andy and Jason P are a detriment to this company. David E is sales completely lied and mislead me as the the services I would receive, and Andy and Jason ruined my entire website. I’m fairly certain the have little to no prior experience. It woukd take me many, many hours to write my entire experience, but here is a break down: – I was promised three things with my contraCT and I didn’t receive even on of the three. – My website turned out nothing like u was promised so I was forced to spend thousands of dollars on an outside vendor to clean up the mess. – management was rude and unresponsive -my Google AdWords accounts was damaged and I lost thousands on pointless advertising with broken site links thanks to #hostgator. -I was never offered any sort of apology or compensation for any of this. Not even a refund or an apology. Instead, I was ignored. That’s right, all of #hostgator began ignoring me including management. Nick, bangkok, Thailand

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Hostgator Discount
Hostgator in offers 4 promotional discount coupons codes which can give you a free trial 1 cent , 25% off, $9.95 off and 25% Reseller Offers. This below codes have all been tested and they are all valid. Should Hostgator release any new discount codes this website will be update immediately.

Coupon Codes
-1c Coupon Code: TODAYS100DOLLER
(if you use this coupon code you will get your first month hosting for just 1 cen ($0.01) on the Baby or Hatching plans)
-25% Off Coupon Code: OFF25HGDOLLER
(if you use this coupon code its gives 25% off your bill on any web hosting plan)
-$9.95 Off Coupon Code: OFFHG994DOLLER
(if you use this code its reduces your bill by $9.95 on any hosting plan)
-25% Re-seller Off Coupon Code: HG25RESELLERD
(if you use this coupon code its reduces your bill by 25% off any re-seller plans)
if you don’t know how to add coupon to hostgator, visit our website
**To use these Hostgator Coupon Codes copy and past the above codes and replace the default code in Hostgator.
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Hostgator Copon Codes:
Hostgator Review:

Hostgator Features:

Hostgator Promotion Codes:

How To Use Hostgator Coupons:

How Install WordPress On Hostgator:

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Hostgator VPS Hosting Review:

Hostgator Windows Hosting Review

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review


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