Hostgator Hatchling Plan is Good Inexpensive Web Hosting

No Way To Cancel – Could not find a way to cancel account. Sent emails. Card expired and did not give them the new number. Somehow they charged it anyway and now I am refuting the charge through the bank. Beena, Chennai India,

I am helping some people I know to set up websites right now. I have been designing web sites for about eighteen years now. If you don’t know about how to get started with setting up your web hosting for your new website this will guide you through one of the very first steps which is setting up a web hosting account. I have done this many times before with many different web hosting companies. Right now my personal preference for web hosting services is Host Gator. As an experienced web designer of many years I really like the way things are set up on the Host Gator website and I like that CPanel is what you are using here which is a platform that I am pretty familiar with. If you are new to web design I might not recommend this for your first web design project although if I remember correctly there are still some pre-made templates that you can use.



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