HostGator Hosting Plans & Prices: GIMMICKS & TRICKS You Need To Know!

Nightmare!!! – David E in sales, Andy and Jason P are a detriment to this company. David E is sales completely lied and mislead me as the the services I would receive, and Andy and Jason ruined my entire website. I’m fairly certain the have little to no prior experience. It woukd take me many, many hours to write my entire experience, but here is a break down: – I was promised three things with my contraCT and I didn’t receive even on of the three. – My website turned out nothing like u was promised so I was forced to spend thousands of dollars on an outside vendor to clean up the mess. – management was rude and unresponsive -my Google AdWords accounts was damaged and I lost thousands on pointless advertising with broken site links thanks to #hostgator. -I was never offered any sort of apology or compensation for any of this. Not even a refund or an apology. Instead, I was ignored. That’s right, all of #hostgator began ignoring me including management. Nick, bangkok, Thailand



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In this video we will cover The HostGator web hosting plans when it comes to hosting pricing. With almost any Web Hosting Company, things aren’t always what they seem when you see the advertised prices per month. Starting anything new for the first time, especially a website, how much money you spend is always a concern and that’s why we will cover the things you need to know so you can create a website.

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