Hostgator Optimized WordPress Review – In Summary Don’t do it!

EIG fault – #hostgator was a top notch hosting company, their support was 5 minutes away, but after EIG acquisition, I can say that was a turning point in the #hostgator history. Rise in prices, many outages, useless support and of course, CPU usage myth. I hope they can fix their issues before going bankrupt. Adrianna

Hostgator’s optimized WordPress is garbage. It’s just an upsell to get you to buy Sitelock and CodeGuard. If they had just ripped you off it would have been better, but read here the fine print:

“Note: Please keep in mind that OWP Migrations are core content only (posts, pages, comments) due to security limitations that prevent us from directly moving files into the environment, plus we can re-install most free themes/plugins.

Premium plugins and themes need to be provided (along with any license keys required) to the Migrations team for installation from our end, or they can be re-installed by you from your OWP Dashboard.

Check our article regarding Website Transfers for more information”

That means you’re going to spend a lot of time rebuilding your site. No theme, no comments, NO media library. Hundreds of hours of work down the drain. When you activate the SiteLock CDN your DNS changes, your CNAME changes and if you had any cloud settings they are gone. You also need to change your hostname and honestly . . . RUN DON’T WALK.

I just wanted the site to load faster, but my site loads the same or slower, I was using Amazon CDN. Now, it is serving some images from the site and others from their CDN, in summary however there was no time savings.

A terrible deal, a week worth of sales gone, and no benefit whatsoever.

Erica Nelson


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