Hostgator Reseller WordPress Hosting Tutorial one

Horrible – Absolutely disgusting web hosting company. They steal money for you and put services on the account that you never requested. The tech support is useless and I can never get hold of a supervisor or manager. I submitted a complaint to BBB and a manger calls. STAY AWAY FROM HOSTAGTOR!!!!!! Rachel Young

Hostgator Reseller WordPress Hosting Tutorial one
IN Tutorial 1 You will learn
How to set up your WordPress site through your
the whm control panel in the Hostgator reseller site
Where to go to find the WordPress one-click install
How to install the new WordPress on a registered site
and what to type for the path .
How to find out where to go to sign in and save your credentials for your site.
It is very easy to get lost in the Whm control panel just try to remember to go to the List Accounts to find all your credentials for all the sites that are located on your reseller site.

There are also tutorials in setting up a free WordPress in
if you are setting up a free site.
To be an affiliate and promote and market other people’s products it is much better to register a domain name and get hosting to be able to build more domains and subdomains and parked domains.
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Rochelle Hayes

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