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Very Unreliable!! very bad customer service – I agree with all the one star review. This company is so bad stay away. I did a mistake and hosted my business with them. My website is my income so if anything happens to my website then I’m losing money. I’m a computer engineer and I know how to work with servers, hosting, network, etc so I do almost everything by myself. Recently I needed their help with a very simple issue that has to be done by them. It’s something I can’t do. They have to do it for me. And I know for a fact that this is something shouldn’t take 5 more than minutes. So far 7 tickets, 3 phone calls, and 4 time with chat. My website still down. So far I have lost a little over $250. I’m on hold now on the phone. 47 minutes on hold so far and still holding. If you have a website for personal use then they may be OK option but if you run a business then stay far away. GIDEON, kenya,

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Is Hostgator the right web-host provider for you? Watch this video and find out!

What Are The 5 Aspect Of A Good Web-Host Provider?

1 – Reliable Servers – You want your websites to be online 24/7. Instead of being down all the time.

2 – Uploading Time – Having a good uploading time in your website web-page is of extreme importance! Your visitors don’t want to wait all day or they’ll start leaving.

3 – Customer Support – Unfortunately, you will eventually run into problems with your website. For this reason, you must have a professional team willing to help you.

4 – Cpanel – A clean interface where you are able to easily maintain your websites

5 – Pricing – Hostgator has affordable pricing compared to other web-host.
3 Different Package Plans

1 – Hatchling Plan

The cheapest plan offering most of the necessary features to run a single website. One of the issues is you may only have one website. If you decide to later have another one then you must upgrade to another package plan.

2 – Baby Plan

This planning has all the features from the Hatchling Plan. Yet, you may have multiple websites at once. I recommend this package for starters.

3 – Business Plan

This last plan comes with a few extra features, such as:

– FREE VoIP Phone Service

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Jordan Alexo

  • Jordan Alexo
    Posted at 10:56h, 09 July

    If you have any question related to Hostgator then leave it in the comment section below… Thanks for watching and stay tune with Prositetutorials!

  • LaHike Reviews
    Posted at 19:06h, 10 July

    Your gonna be really upset when you find out hostgator wont pay you. They oew me about 6k from commisions back in march, no work, no replys. Run while you can.


  • Top Tech
    Posted at 16:36h, 12 July

    Please see my most recent videos (I am a YouTube partner) if you see the description on my recent videos you will find a link that will give you a massive saving on Host Gator plans (a lot cheaper than going direct) – you will save about 50% in total just from using the link! Thnaks

  • Muhammad Shafi
    Posted at 07:28h, 14 November

    great video, i watched your seo training video it was very easy to understand but it was short, can you please make video on seo that cover the whole portion in the seo detaily. Otherwise can you recommend any person seo training course in online.I have one more doubt what is the best way learn seo fastly

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