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Terrible Company – This company is an absolute joke, charged my to have my site up and it wasn’t up for 7 months, continuously told that it was a malfunction and that my site was able to be brought up now after 4 months of talking to tech support told me it was my fault that the site was never up, so now i have lost hundreds of dollars and I have no site. DO NOT RECOMEND THEM TO NO BODY WHAT A TERRIBLE COMPANY – Franco, Mudgrown

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Finding a good reliable host is one of the most important items to take care of when you are beginning any internet marketing venture. Whether it is for ecommerce or an affiliate website, informational site, forum, blog etc.

Years ago when I started my internet marketing career back in 2006 I undertook the task of researching the hosting that was available then and decided upon Hostgator as my host.

In this review I wanted to share my experiences with Hostgator and their team throughout my seven years of using them as my main host for 22 of my money sites.

After 7 years I checked my tickets that I have submitted to them and the total over this period was only 55 tickets. If you calculate that out to monthly it is less then once per month and only 8 times per year. This is where my satisfaction lies with them because I do not have to spend any time solving problems. My time is spent building new opportunities in my online business which is why I am recommending Hostgator Hosting as your go to supplier for your hosting needs.

If you want to know more about Hostgator and why I consider then to be #1 for shared hosting then please visit this link:


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