HostGator Reviews From Customer of 11 Years + 60% Off Coupon Code

Emails don’t work – I’m just an ordinary user and found that my emails were getting kicked back by spam filters. It’s taken me months to figure out what’s going on, I thought my email was hacked or there was a mistake, but turned out its #hostgator. This has been happening since December, it’s now February, apparently they’re awarded of the problem but haven’t fixed it. Their attitude is lackadaisical and I’ve no idea what I’m paying them for. Richard, Hartford, CT

My honest HostGator Reviews, I’ve been a customer with hostgator for 11+ years. See my 60% off hostgator coupon code:

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As seen in my HostGator reviews video, you will see my billing history from 11 years ago. Besides quality web hosting services, hostgator provides truly the best customer support around. Hostgator has fixed my websites (bugs, malware, script errors) on numerous occasions for free! Also, in my video, I show you in real time the quickness of their live chat support. You really can’t get this level of chat support anywhere!

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60% Off Hostgator Coupon Code on Everything!

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