Hostgator Reviews: Probably My Favorite Web Host

Worst Customer Service and Support of Any Company… EVER! – Everything at #hostgator is so broken. I had issues from the moment I signed up. I tried submitting tickets, but the ticketing system didn’t work. I tried live chat, it took an hour to reach someone. I tried calling them, and never did get through as I eventually gave up. Once I finally reached someone, they opened a ticket for me. A week goes by… no response. I follow-up… Still no response. So I ask to cancel my account as I still haven’t been able to use my hosting account. They send me a form to fill out… Guess what, it’s broken too. They basically said that it was my problem because they couldn’t replicate it. It’s not my job to troubleshoot, QA, and identify bugs with their website and system. Still have yet to receive my refund – and I stupidly prepaid for 36 months of hosting. Roy Hardman

Here’s my review for HostGator. Find out why I think it’s one of the best hosts out there.

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1 cent = 1centawesomeness

I’m a big fan of host gator. I like them because they’re incredibly easy to use and they are reliable. They’re extremely reliable in the sense that when I want to go to my website it is going to load what I wanted to. There are other web hosts where you will go to your website and it will not load or it will load incredibly slow. I’ve never experienced this as host gator so that is why they are one of my top choice to go with when you’re trying to figure out which web host to use.

They also have some really good deals to sign up with. Their pricing is pretty standard now. It used to be really cheap. This was back when I created this hostgator review. Nowadays, times are changing there constantly trying to get more money out of you. they are business after all, so I don’t really blame them.

Justin Gray

  • Justin Gray
    Posted at 11:26h, 21 January

    Hey guys..Just wanted to give an update.

    Times have changed this video was created and their pricing has gone up AND their plans have changed a bit.

    Hatchling Plan = single domain

    Baby Plan = Unlimited domains.

    It's a few dollars more expensive now per month depending upon what deal you sign up with.

  • Naif
    Posted at 18:03h, 25 April

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  • Plant based Jenn
    Posted at 01:26h, 10 August

    hey justin. so what hosting site would you say was best now? and can you build your site from hostgator or is it just to host your allready built site?

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