Hostgator shared hosting vs Cloudflare speed test

#hostgator Run Away Fast – Over 2 weeks to transfer a site from within their servers. Optimized Word Press Server has serious issues, no SSL, Code Guard that comes with it doesn’t work, was made to purchase a ‘Baby’ account so that they could add the Static IP and SSL only to be waiting another 2 weeks and still never done. Lost the client. The had the site moved to GoDaddy (no issues) on to a fully configured SSL site in less than an hour. Run away from the #hostgator!!!! It will save you time , money and your sanity. Brian Williams, Isle of Wight UK, It was “”

Hostgator shared hosting vs Cloudflare speed test

Full blog post on how to setup everything

How to setup WordPress blog to load via Cloudflare

I’ve decided to show you in real time what’s the difference.

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