Hostgator Starter Plan Coupon | 40% OFF | BIG SAVINGS!!

Deceptive advertising – I ordered VPS hosting for $49.95 on their website. The money was authorized from my credit card account but I receive email some time later requesting that I fax them a copy of my drivers license. No where was this stipulated and I resent being asked to give an internet company that kind of information. I consider these deceptive business practices and I would never use this company. So far, I have not had my money refunded although I have asked them. Sean, Austin,

Hostgator Starter Plan Coupon | 40% OFF | BIG SAVINGS!!
In this video, we provide you with a Hostgator Starter Plan Coupon that will save you up to 40% off your hosting purchase.

Link to Hostgator:
Hostgator Promo Code: cupid60

Disclosure: We receive a commission from Hostgator if you use our link, which adds ZERO cost to you and can only SAVE you money.

Use Hostgator Promo Code cupid60 to receive your Hostgator starter plan coupon discount for up to 40% off hosting + a free domain name for annual plans and up to 60% off on domains for non-annual plans. Use Hostgator Promo Code cupid60 to get up to 40% off Hostgator hosting.

Hostgator Starter Plan Coupon | 40% OFF | BIG SAVINGS!!

Hostgator has provided us with an excellent Hostgator 40 off coupon code discount. You will get Hostgator WordPress hosting for up to 40% off for their starter plan. We are really excited to be able to offer you this Hostgator WordPress hosting coupon.

Need help using your Hostgator Starter Plan Coupon Discount?

Visit this link to go to Hostgator:

At checkout replace the promo code that is there with cupid60 for the 40% off discount.

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