HostGator Suspends Service For Malware – Admits It’s THEIR Fault

STAY AWAY FROM #HOSTGATOR!! – For the past 2 years, I have requested that #hostgator cancel both my domain name & hosting service & for two years in a row, despite multiple phone calls and emails requesting the cancellation

Here’s the blog post containing additional info:

Okay, so HostGator suspended one of my accounts for TOS violation. Apparently malware. The ticket was very confusing and didn’t make sense. When it was all said and done, HostGator admitted it was *THEIR* fault and there was never any malware to begin with.

My sites were offline for 5 days, which is in violation of their 99% uptime guarantee. It wouldn’t have been a violation of their 99% uptime guarantee had I actually had malware on my sites, as then I’d be against their TOS, but since it was their fault, I feel my claim is justified.

I was never fully provided details of what happened and it took way to long for resolve. HostGator also conflicted itself several times, based on what they’ve said and what actions they took (or didn’t take).

What’s even more suspicious is that they admitted there was nothing wrong only *AFTER* I registered with SiteLock and no more than hours after that.

Did SiteLock do the scan and say; “Yo, HostGator, there’s nothing wrong, so whatsup?” I highly doubt it, as HostGator pretty blatantly states that I should follow-up with them after the site has been professionally cleaned. That implies that it’s the webmaster should deal with the company (SiteLock) directly and follow-up with HostGator before the restrictions are removed. That implies that HostGator collaborates with SiteLock directly.

Is it because Endurance International Group (EIG) is in bed with SiteLock and exploiting their customers in order to upsell on SiteLock security? That is a questions that should be asked, especially since there is a revenue-share agreement between all EIG companies and SiteLock.

What’s even more suspicious is that EIG CEO and another board member own stock in SiteLock (or more so Innovative Business Services, IBS)

So aside from the reseller / revshare partnership, the EIG board of directors has a vested interest in Innovative Business Services / SiteLock. Hmmm…..Makes you think, don’t it?

Nathan Hammond

  • Exoro
    Posted at 01:54h, 30 December

    It seems like there are very few reliable shared hosting providers anymore. I ended up moving from a shared Godaddy hosting plan to a VPS on DigitalOcean.

  • JT Land
    Posted at 02:56h, 30 December

    it is becoming obvious to me it is because of your long term account… like you were talking about w/ the sitelock post, they just wanted to keep that dl billing going for a while.

  • root
    Posted at 02:51h, 05 January

    HostGator actually used to have their own security department that would clean malware and provide you with a reason as to how it got on your account. They got rid of it in 2015 and now just disable accounts and tell you to use Sitelock. Sitelock should almost be considered a scam, they charge ridiculous amounts. Also, the mistake was likely because they lost all their security employees. I bet it was something like a reported phishing URL that looked like "". Someone that doesn't know what they are doing will disable when actually isn't hosting the directory "badphishingdir". It's a known Apache mod_userdir issue, but mod_userdir is enabled by default for the use of temporary URLs. If you want a legit, affordable security service for your website then I would recommend Sucuri.

  • Dwayne Ray Burgess
    Posted at 02:17h, 25 February

    +Nathan Hammond Wow this just happened to my website. I have a site on my server that I just purchased a domain a week ago. I received the same message via email only targeting the domain that was effected. I deleted the folder via my FTP and replied to the issue. The rep at Host Gator via chat said that they don't know how long it will take for my other 8 sites on the same service will be up. This is terrible as my sites are down. Idk what to do at this point. Cancel my Host Gator and find another service? Im gonna cry over this.

  • Sarah Davies
    Posted at 10:28h, 03 April

    Hey guys, these people HOSTGATOR & SITELOCK are currently giving me a hard time with my websites as well. I have been with HOSTGATOR for years but recently, they've been shutting down my sites claiming the sites are infected with malware. Needless to say, I only ever use plugins from the and one other reputable plugin seller. Is it a coincidence that SO MANY of their customers are now being targeted and blamed for malware that's suddenly affecting their website. Are these guys wrecking our websites deliberately just so clients can buy their security products?? I AM NOT A HAPPY BUNNY RIGHT NOW.

  • Fitor Krasniqi
    Posted at 19:10h, 27 May

    I am having the very same experience except I have hired someone on fiverr to clean my site… definitely looking to move to another hosting company

  • Osama Said
    Posted at 07:14h, 13 October

    Nathan I have more trouble with hostGator I almost contact them every week ,please let me know what is the best host this days that I will not have problems with malware and emails sent and recive

  • Howard Greenberg
    Posted at 21:24h, 14 October

    Hey Nathan. Happened to me too…I got the same email from hostgator that you did..I did have some malicious code that I removed twice in one month..(I removed the malicious files myself) they said because it happened 3 times in 60 days that they restricted my account had has to be professionally cleaned. I called site-lock and they wanted quite a bit of money because I have over 20 sites on my shared hosting account..I said I would get back to them…I decided to ask hostgator to restore my account.. I'll let you know the outcome..

  • Robert Docherty
    Posted at 17:16h, 28 October

    Nathan; I want to extend my service free of charge to commenters on here and invite you to have a discussion about your issues with other hosting providers and service vendors. I operate #1 for Website Troubleshooting on Google. We're available via live chat 24/7 and will not try to pitch or sell anything – just mention you came from Nathan's video.

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