Hostgator Tutorial 2022: How to Install WordPress & Make Your Website Now!

Awful company, autobilling a month before expiration with no notice or negotiation – I’ll give anyone the worst review ever for auto-billing you 30 days prior to your site expiration and refusing to offer any sort of refund, and bury it in the TOS, without providing any notice of autobilling. They outsource their domains to another company who is some sort of shadowy figure of which there is no negotiation. The customer service sucks, and to top it off, their chat is f-ing unencrypted while asking your for login and password info to verify your account! The chat person even told me there was no way I could submit a ticket without going through the chat (not true, I did it on the phone cause I refused to give him my login info on a site that Chrome blocked). Unbelievable that a hosting company that wants to assure me my shit is secure, asking me to provide personal info on an unencrypted connection. Will never use this company again. Jeffrey Gutowski, Chicago,

Learn how to install WordPress with HostGator in this NEW tutorial for 2022.

Start Now with HostGator 👉
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HostGator is one of the most affordable web hosting companies to start your first blog or business website.

Get up and running with WordPress to build your brand online today!

STEP #1: Select the “Hatchling plan” for one website

STEP #2: Check out using coupon code WPC1

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STEP #3: Go to HostGator’s dashboard, then click the “Install WordPress” button.

STEP #4: Follow the steps, pick your theme, then click “Install”

Within a few moments, you can view your website and edit from the WordPress admin dashboard.

That’s where you create your design and add content!

Start Now with HostGator 👉
✅ Use code: WPC1 (up to 60% OFF)

Visit the blog:

Intro – 00:00
Pick web hosting package – 00:22
Register your domain name – 00:40
Select your billing cycle – 01:23
Checkout using code WPC1 – 02:06
HostGator account overview – 02:40
How to install WordPress – 03:08
View your website – 05:40
Go to WordPress dashboard – 06:11
Browse themes for your design – 07:04
Now take action – 07:32

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Ray DelVecchio

  • Arben Mamudov
    Posted at 22:53h, 08 December

    Ive been trying to do this for the past couple of hours and I do everything exactly but when I download wordpress it keeps saying that my DNS address cannot be found any workarounds for that?

  • Motivasyon Zone
    Posted at 01:35h, 09 December

    Hello there. When I want to log in to my wordpress account with a username and password, it says the password is incorrect, when I say I forgot my password, it sends an e-mail to me. I log in with it. Normally, since my entry is registered to the site, it logs in without the need for a password, but today, naturally, to connect my facebook account to woocommerce, I log in with my wordpress account. I had to do it, but I tried the password dozens of times, I created a new password, I tried maybe 30 times, tried to do it differently, in no way, even though I typed the password correctly, it never accepts the password, it says the password is wrong every time, what do you suggest I do? account 3 weeks old