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HostGator Review & Tutorial – Web Hosting
With three packages on offer, HostGator provides flexible plans for web hosting at an affordable price. Popular among small business owners and for personal use, HostGator offers a good-value web hosting service with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Read more about features and pricing in the HostGator review.

HostGator Pricing –
Hatchling Plan – $4.68 per month
Baby Plan – $6.96 per month
Business Plan – $10.46 per month

Review HostGator web hosting features

Flexible Plans –
HostGator web hosting includes three different packages to suit the needs of all customers. The Hatchling Plan includes all the basics such as a site builder, free domain, free email, and ad credits. The Baby Plan offers additional features like unlimited domains. Meanwhile, the Business Plan makes the perfect solution for small businesses and includes blog setup, unlimited domains, and WordPress hosting. Make sure to review HostGator’s various plans to find which one suits you best.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space –
All three of the HostGator Plans offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. In this way, the website works at optimal speeds. Users can also upload the media files they need to enhance their website without having to worry about space.

Easy WordPress Integration –
WordPress is one of the most popular web platforms available. Therefore, a good hosting service should offer simple integration with WordPress. With one click, users can install WordPress to their HostGator web hosting service.

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