(HOT) Lightnight NFT | Blockchain Game (2021)

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Lightnite NFT | Blockchain Game

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What’s going on crypto people!

Kryptolo here back with another blockchain game out right out of the crypto games universe.


Lightnite is one of various blockchain games that are great for people
looking for offline games like fortnite but also want to get involved
in the new crypto gaming industry.

This one would be on par to be on a top 5 best games like fortnite list.
This crypto games is brought to you by the developers over at satoshi games.

In this video, I show you guys how to play lightnite, provide a lightnite review, where to get it, and of course, show you some lightnite gameplay.

It’s crypto games like these that make it possible for bitcoin to get adopted easily into the masses. I’ve always considered bitcoin and blockchain to go hand in hand with easily with video games.

In fact, one of the first use cases was with trading magic the gathering trading cards.

Lightnite has recently now made it possible to play with other players in deathmatch which I also cover in the video and show you how to get in to get into a lightnite game.

Blockchain gaming is evolving at a very fast pace. Get in now before it is too late and be part of the crypto gaming revolution. Play to earn baby!

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    Posted at 16:05h, 05 July

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