How Decentralized Storage will Reinvent Cloud Computing? | Mary Camacho | LCX Insights Live

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LCX Insights Live with with Mary Camacho, Executive Director (CEO) at Holo Host (Holochain), hosted by Monty C. M. Metzger, CEO and Founder at

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Want to jump straight into the main points?
00:00 How Decentralized Storage will Reinvent Cloud Computing?
02:14 Video starts
03:28 Updates of LCX
04:50 Introducing the Mary Camacho, Executive Director (CEO) at Holo Host (Holochain)
07:15 Giveaway announcement
07:30 What is HOLO and what is Holochain?
09:32 What are the latest numbers in terms of growth, reach, etc, of Holo?
11:01 What’s your view on decentralized storage reinventing cloud computing?
14:05 What are your views on distributed ledger technology and the future of distributed cloud computing?
16:03 Why is it important for Holo or Holochain to set up regulations?
19:03 Did you do your ICO with a regulatory framework?
20:44 You did a blog post recently by the name ‘Low Hype’ but it did end up getting a lot of hype. What happened there?
24:15 You sent me a video about Elemental Chat Demo. Can you tell me what is it all about?
28:30 You have something that you are launching as your own application like Twitter and Facebook but only decentralized?
31:43 Are there any plans to develop the app further?
33:17 There is a mutual credit currency. What do you think, it is a cryptocurrency or something new?
35:42 Community Question: Will Holochain support hosting enterprise applications?
37:58 Community Question: You talk about adoption. Is it not that the market comes with Adoption?
39:38 Community Question: How can Holochain benefit an exchange like LCX when it comes to expanding and meeting the demands of the user needs?
43:17 How is your team at Holochain set up?
46:41 Community Question: What is the best thing we can do as individuals to help HOLO?
49:04 You have a very active community, even from Turkey. Why is that?
50:42 Community Question: Is there a place where we can see a list of upcoming Hackathons? Any in the UK?
52:04 Community Question: Will we see Holo ever launching a counter pairing to Holofuel (like a security token)?
53:50 How big is your team and how are managing in the times of Covid?
55:15 What is your roadmap for 2021?
57:44 Can you walk us through the tokenomics of HOLO?
59:36 Will your token have a utility in the Element Chat application as well?
1:01:01 Which third party application are you most excited about?
1:02:09 Did corona virus affect Holochain?
1:03:40 What does it mean that you have been on the rock all the time?
1:04:17 Why Liechtenstein is a great place for Blockchain companies?
1:05:07 Do you also engage with the regulators?
1:05:41 What is your view on GDPR or data privacy discussion in Europe?
1:11:51 What do you think are the key trends in the Blockchain industry at the moment?
1:15:57 Community Question: What keeps you up at night in regards to your platform?


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