How to add another domain in Host Gator Baby Plan

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How to add another domain in Host Gator baby Plan

Please note this can be done if user has purchased multi domain hosting plan from Host gator where host gator offers unlimited number of domain hosting in the same hosting plan.

In this Tutorial, you will see and learn How to add another domain in Host Gator Baby Plan. This is little advance and a guide to the next level of advanced Digital Marketing. This video might be good for Freshers who are unaware of adding a domain name who has taken multi domain hosting.


1. Go to your existing Host gator web hosing cpanel by typing (‘yourdomainname’ must be replaced with your domain name.
2. Login your account
3. Go to the Domain section where you will find ‘add on domains’.
4. Click on it and put your another domain without using ‘www’
5. Click outside of the box and you will see system will take sub domains and document root automatically. Do not change it.
6. Tick on ‘Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain’
7. Choose your password and re-enter the same password.
8. Click on ‘add Domain’ and your domain is created.
9. Check after minimum 4 hours to reconfirm by typing ‘’ in address bar of browser. If it asks you user name and password, it means it has been created successfully.
10. That’s done!

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